Together we build an exact map of your existing wealth position,
identify your goals and develop a clear path that puts you
on the right way to attain your financial ambitions.

We help you in navigating the use of the Personal Wealth Portrait.

We help you create a financial strategy that represents your
personal circumstances. Getting to know you is our primary goal.

This enables us to focus on your life’s priorities, the essence
of any future plan.

Who we are

Leaders in the financial services industry, with more than 40 years of experience and presence in the financial markets.

This experience helps GPI to understand what is important for every client – we have built a rich history of caring for clients and their families.


What we do

We help you create a financial strategy that represents your personal circumstances.

Getting to know you is a financial adviser’s primary goal — an approach centred around your life’s priorities. It’s time for a financial strategy that puts your needs and priorities front and centre.



It is essential for people to be protected to ensure that both their own and their dependents financial positions are completely covered in event of any change in personal circumstances due to the accident, sickness or death.

Any of these unforeseen occurrences can have a dramatic effect on financial well-being and cause deep financial pressure. Do not leave yourself open to the ravages of the unforeseen. Instead, be comforted in the knowledge that come what may, your finances are safe from these effects.


GPI Europe believes that the management of client’s wealth should to be entrusted to the best in the market. As such, for more than 10 years we have collaborated with Mithril Asset Management.

Mithril, an independent global asset management company with a worldwide presence and long history, manage our client’s assets knowing that investors expect something special. It is Mithril’s intent to meet this expectation.

GPI Personal Wealth Portrait

The new standard in wealth care.

Discover how we create a true picture of your current financial position, this enables you to answer the question: “Is this where I want to be”.