International Travel Insurance

Don’t realise today that you needed travel insurance yesterday!

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What is International Travel Insurance?

What is International Travel Insurance

The International Travel Insurance policy covers all nationalities, travelling almost anywhere in the world.
International Travel Insurance allows you the freedom to purchase either a single or multi trip insurance plan, allowing you the frequency of travel with complete peace of mind.

The annual multi trip plan allows you to choose to be covered for Europe or Worldwide with maximum trip length of 42 or 90 days, and what’s more, you can adjust the cover to give you the right travel insurance solution.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive protection & benefits
  • 24 hour support
  • No hospital restrictions
  • No out-of-pocket hospital costs
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency & accidental medical treatment
  • Cancellation & curtailment cover

Three choices of travel insurance


Medical treatment & evacuation

This is the core option, provides important medical cover against the cost of medical treatment and emergency medical evacuations and also provides you with 24 hour access to trained nurses to ensure that medical advice is only ever a phone call away.


Enhanced benefits

In addition to the benefits included at basic level, this option gives you wider cover, giving an array of benefits which include: delays; disability and personal liability which may happen whilst travelling abroad.


Cancellation & curtailment cover

This option adds to the benefits of the Standard level of cover, Cancellation and Curtailment, which covers you in the event that your trip is unexpectedly cancelled, or you are forced to return home early.

Three very special options can be added

Option 1:
Winter Sports Package
Limited to 21 days in aggregate per Policy Period

Option 2:
Business Equipment & Money

Option 3:
Golf Cover
Limited to 21 days in aggregate per Policy Period

Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation.






FAQs International Travel Insurance

Am I eligible to buy this travel insurance policy?

If you are within the following categories, you are eligible:
Single Trip Policy: A Single Trip Policy can be purchased before the Insured Person obtains age 72;
Annual Multi-Trip: An Annual Trip Policy can be purchased before the Insured Person obtains age 71.
This Policy will not be renewable at the anniversary date; provided that you are departing from and returning to the same country (or have a defined destination country of one-way trip).


Should I choose worldwide or European cover?

Please choose European cover if your destination country, or countries, is within the continent of Europe.
The countries considered to be Europe are listed on the quote page. Just click on the the question mark button next to the destination box. Please choose Worldwide cover if your destination is not listed as being within Europe.

Yes, our policies have an option to provide cover in Europe only or Worldwide. The Europe only option is cheaper than the world wide option and allows some customers to tailor the product to their own travel plans.

What does your travel insurance policy cover?

The Travel Insurance provides three levels of cover together with the opportunity to add 3 further options:
Winter Sports Package, Business Equipment & Money and Golf Cover.
For more details see the Shedule benefits.

How many countries can I visit on a single trip policy?

You can visit as many countries as you wish within the period of cover and your selected destination area.

What is my country of residence?

Your country of residence is the country you are travelling from (and usually back to, unless you have purchased a one-way trip policy), regardless of your immigration or nationality status.

This is the country you will be returned to in the event of a repatriation claim.

Do I need to declare the pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure etc?

No. As we do not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions, we do not need to know about them except in the event of a claim.